A dusty map...a discarded telescope...a delicate smell...who would live in a place like this?

Experience the Christmas story in a whole new way…search for clues about the Nativity characters in their deserted homes…discover why they left and where they went.

Over the last 5 years we have welcomed over 500 local school pupils annually to this interactive trail with hands-on activities. Pupils love the magic of entering into the nativity story as detectives, collecting clues as they move along the trail. They encounter a very grumpy innkeeper, real-life nativity characters in the stable plus a very special guest! They also decorate and take home a keyhole cookie.

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Miracles, betrayal, arrest....and a missing body!

Follow in Peter’s footsteps and discover the amazing events of the first Easter.

Our interactive Easter Trail provides a new perspective on the Easter story for pupils aged 7-11.

As they arrive, pupils meet a very excited and rather wet Peter who thinks he has just seen the risen Jesus! Can they help Peter to piece together the amazing events of the last three years with Jesus....and this incredible ending to the story? Using an ancient map to guide them around the sights and scenes of Peter’s experiences, (including the ‘Sea of Galilee’ and the ‘Garden of Gethsemane’) pupils hunt for clues which will lead them on a very unexpected journey! 

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Our Stepping Up Trail gives Year 6 pupils the chance to reflect upon the changes that are about to take place in their move to secondary school. It is an opportunity to discuss their feelings and expectations for this next life stage.

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Our interactive trails for primary schools take place in our halls in Redland.