Trails are an opportunity for us to transform a room into a reflective and engaging space, with a series of zones for students to interact with. The trails bring an experiential dimension to students' learning in a variety of areas, including RE, PSHE and SMSC. Each zone prompts a response from the students through use of stimulating resources, challenging questions and fun activities to complete.

Trails can be adapted to your school’s context and installed for 2 days or longer. The REC team lead students around the trail and provide feedback to school staff as appropriate.


Our Justice Trail allows students to:

  • debate and discuss just punishments for various crimes;
  • reflect on the power of forgiveness using real-life scenarios; and
  • consider these issues from God's perspective.


Our Identity Trail gives students an opportunity to:

  • reflect upon how they discover their identity in an image-obsessed culture;
  • discuss the labels we place upon each other and the impact our words can have; and
  • discover Christian perspectives of belonging and identity.

Creation Care TRAIL

Our Creation Care Trail enables students to:

  • grasp the impact of their actions on the future of the planet;
  • discuss Christian responses to global warming and pollution; and
  • consider case studies dealing with species extinction.


This PSHE &  RE trail focuses on the current refugee crisis as an example of how the Church has responded to suffering. Pupils will discover:

  • how Britain has responded to refugees throughout history.
  • the lengths people are willing to go, to find safety.
  • how faith in God helps people through suffering.
  • how Christians in Bristol have worked together to meet the needs of refugees.