As of September 2018, our trails have been transformed into lesson format. We still use interactive and creative activities, but have found that pupils engage at a deeper level with the content when taught in this way. Schools have responded very well to this change and our new format is in high demand as it allows us the flexibility to fit with the school timetable.


Our Justice Trail allows students to:

  • debate and discuss just punishments for various crimes;

  • reflect on the power of forgiveness using real-life scenarios; and

  • consider these issues from God's perspective.


Our Identity Trail gives students an opportunity to:

  • reflect upon how they discover their identity in an image-obsessed culture;

  • discuss the labels we place upon each other and the impact our words can have; and

  • discover Christian perspectives of belonging and identity.

Creation Care TRAIL

Our Creation Care Trail enables students to:

  • grasp the impact of their actions on the future of the planet;

  • discuss Christian responses to global warming and pollution; and

  • consider case studies dealing with species extinction.


This PSHE &  RE trail focuses on the current refugee crisis as an example of how the Church has responded to suffering. Pupils will discover:

  • how Britain has responded to refugees throughout history.

  • the lengths people are willing to go, to find safety.

  • how faith in God helps people through suffering.

  • how Christians in Bristol have worked together to meet the needs of refugees.